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School Policy

Cheating, plagiarism, and copyright infringement are not tolerated at Withlacoochee Technical College (WTC).



The act of plagiarism is a severe form of cheating which constitutes intellectual theft. Plagiarism occurs when a person presents someone else’s work as his/her own. Whether a student copies an assignment, downloads a paper from an Internet site, or uses a cut and paste system for creating text, that student has committed plagiarism. All parties to plagiarism are equally guilty, regardless of whether the student gives or receives work.  All students shall abide by the provisions of United States Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code, Sect. 101, et seq.)

Students who cheat, plagiarize, or infringe copyright law will face any or all of the following consequences:

First Offense

  • The student will receive a failing grade for the assignment(s).
  • The student may be suspended from school for one to five days.
  • Honor Society membership and/or positions of leadership will be revoked.
  • School-awarded honors or representation of the school in any other capacity will be denied.
  • If the student is a minor, the student’s parent will be contacted.

Second Offense

  • Dismissal from program


Students who cheat on industry certification or licensing exams will forfeit the testing fee(s) and be removed from the testing area. The student will face the consequences as outlined above. Additionally, an incident report will be filed with the testing agency to determine if the student will be allowed to test again.

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